Train Bangkok Chickens Physically Before Fighting

Train Bangkok Chickens Physically Before Fighting

Train Bangkok Chickens Physically Before Fighting – Physical training of fighting cocks is of course a major factor in winning this cockfighting gambling game, of course, a strong physique will make your fighting cocks win this cockfighting gambling game.

As a cockfighting fan who is still a beginner or still does not understand how to train Bangkok chickens who want to be invited to compete, then in our review we will explain it in detail, hopefully it can be a reference for those who still don’t understand, here is an explanation from online cockfighting betting agents Indonesia.

1. physical exercise

Physical training of Bangkok chickens can be done by providing exercise in the cage which is done in the morning, this works and is very good for training muscle flexibility in the chicken, give the exercise routine 30 days before the Bangkok Naek chicken enters the competition arena.

2. neck exercises

We can do Bangkok chicken neck training by rotating the Bangkok chicken neck with this left and right hand for 30 rounds each. Do neck exercises with fast movements and for this exercise it is useful to flex the chicken neck, so that it has a good pecking technique.

3. body exercise

We can do Bangkok chicken body training by turning the rooster’s body to the right and left, do this exercise regularly and as much as 30 rounds at a time.

This method can be done by inserting one hand into the gap of the rooster’s wing, then rotating it slowly. The benefit of this body training is to get the rooster accustomed to doing rounds when fighting, especially to strengthen the legs and body of the rooster.

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4. Foot exercises

Training Bangkok chicken legs before fighting can be done by pressing the back of the chicken down while pushing forward. This exercise is usually also called chicken push-ups. Do this exercise 30 times a day, apply this exercise regularly.

5.Wing training

We can do the training of Bangkok chicken wings by striking the Bangkok chicken by lifting the body of the rooster as high as possible with both hands, one hand holding the chicken breast and in the other holding the wing, and after that, release the hand on the chicken breast. while the other hand is lowered down in the direction of the rooster. This exercise can be done 5-10 times a day on a regular basis.

Do all the exercises on the Bangkok chicken for about 15 to 20 minutes, after being able to release the chicken for 5 minutes, then bathe the chicken, but no need to get too wet, and dry the Bangkok chicken for about 15 minutes, so that the Bangkok chicken returns. fresh.